Emile Shamie – Mondes Imaginaires

“Whatever is realized in a painting travels through me. I am just the medium. I have no control over the process.” Emile Shamie

Born in Montreal, Emile Shamie’s journey from businessman to artist has unfolded with intense devotion not unlike the inspired works he creates in his Saint-Henri studio. A sucessful business owner for four decades, Shamie was entrenched in high-pace, competitive world of fashion. All the while, precious breathing space came in time spent painting, drawing and studying art. With a lifetime’s inspiration from dance, music and the martial arts, the transition to full-time artist became complete seven years ago upon selling his business. With a fresh approach to his canvas and with a finely tuned sense of balance and control, Emile Shamie has humbly embarked on a second career as Artist.

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