Abstract (48×60)
Artist: Emile Shamie

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Artist: Emile Shamie

Emile Shamie’s paintings and drawings are found in collections across Canada, United States, Europe and Asia.

As a lover of music, dance and martial Arts, Shamie’s finely tuned  sense of balance and control imparts to his work, establishing an immediate connection with the viewer. One then feels the total freedom and spirituality within the canvas.

His paintings are full of color, dance and movement. Main features include landscapes, birds, horses, flowers and figures. Mr. Shamie describes himself as the vessel through which the painting occurs, as if unconscious, from within a trance and he feels that the canvas dictates the painting.

He likes to leave his paintings untitled. Each time you look at a painting you will discover a different image. It weaves the story of the earth’s beginnings into a song of worship of the Creator, not unlike Miro. Some of the earlier works are more raw in celebration. The ink and charcoal figures are favorites with ample images that move, like a dance with a hidden dialectic, reminiscent of Matisse.

Emile Shamie’s paintings and figurative drawings sing with movement and color!