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Emile Shamie – The Transition Project Cocktail Launch 2019


The Transition Project was founded by Jackson Labell-Nevard in July 2018. The basis for the organization was inspired by Jackson’s trip in 2017 with his grandmother’s charity, Leave Out Violence (LOVE). When he met with a diverse range of 16-24 year-old individuals who were part of LOVE and discussed the future, he noticed that many had their dreams clouded by a multitude of different aspects. He then arrived at the realization that too many young adults are inhibited from following their career goals due to insecurity, background, culture, or their upbringings.

This ever-present issue sparked Jackson’s motivation to empower young adults around him. By initially working with Batshaw and finding several foster-youth individuals jobs, he realized that employment was the most instrumental tool to make strides in this goal. After recruiting a group of like-minded peers, he sought to find employment for the demographics who were suffering with poverty and had limited access to opportunity, no matter their age. Once we revamped our organization in early 2019, we were able to narrow our mission and thereby improve our understanding of such demographics, ultimately to create an organization that aims to be part of each step of the major transition into the workforce. The Transition Project’s vision stems from the desire to highlight the true potential of our candidates to employers as well as for them to manifest it for themselves.

Today, The Transition Project has grown to unexpected levels due to the tireless support from passionate volunteers, employers, donors, and organizations. But we know that the problems in Montreal are still present, and we won’t stop working at our mission until it is attained, or hopefully, exceeded.

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