Emile Shamie – Vernissage 2013

Born in Montreal, Shamie began drawing & painting at a very early age & continued his art studies even while establishing himself in business, in the world of Fashion. For many years Shamie attended Art classes & also had private lessons with some of Montreal’s finest instructors & painters.

For the last seven years, Shamie, having established himself in a studio, has devoted his full time to his art, studying, painting & drawing .He works with oils, acrylics, watercolors, India ink pen & brush, to express landscapes, florals, abstract & figurative creations. Shamie is prolific as an artist & his creations are distinguished by his strong sense of color & form. His fresh approach to his canvas has proved great success. His practised eye & restless energy have found an impressive outlet in his love of Nature & the Human body he creates with such assurance. His work continues to evolve as he explores different techniques & subjects. He uses his imagination & life experiences to create unique & inspiring pieces.

As a lover of music, dance & martial Arts, Shamie’s finely tuned sense of balance & control impart to his work an accessibility that establishes an immediate rapport with the viewer., Yet one can feel the total freedom & spirituality within the canvas.

Emile Shamie’s paintings & drawings are to be found in collections across Canada as well in the United States & Asia.


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